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This is just one of the many headlines journalists have written about this exceptional artist. First and foremost they are describing Katja's incredible voice that directly touches the heart.


Coming from a Working Class background , Katja taught herself to play the guitar and then started to write her own songs. Initial successes came quickly and Katja became the local insiders tip in her hometown Essen. With local bands and as a solo artist, Katja won several competitions and could record the first titles for her Demo CD in professional recording studios.


In 1998, Katja entered the international music competition the "Hamburger Stimmtreff". With just her guitar, she went barefoot on stage, and to thunderous applause, won the competition. Fortunately for Katja, Fred Casimir, a Talent scout for a record company, was a member of the Jury and he arranged  Katja´s first major record contract with BMG/RCA Hamburg in 1999.

After an appearance on the RTL series “Hinter Gittern (Behind Bars)”, Katja´s debut album "Contact myself" from the year 2000, entered the  German Album charts and it is still considered a milestone of German pop music among music lovers and critics.


However, Katja, extremely shy and demure, could not withstand the Media-hype that now surrounded her. Although a follow-up album was already being planned, Katja withdrew in 2001 as quickly as she had appeared.


Katja moved into the country, where in the first 5 years, she started a family, re-oriented herself and wrote songs. After her short hiatus, Katja started to record again and brought out four albums "Leave that thing behind" (SPV, 2005), "Dakota" (EMI, 2008), "Neuland" (T3-records, 2011), and "Mitten im Sturm" (Stockfisch Records, 2011).


In 2014 Katja fulfilled a long cherished ambition and began her own one-woman Record Label "Küchentisch Productions”. Her album "Lieder vom Küchentisch (Songs from the kitchen table)" was the first album to be published under her own label.


Katja also appeared as a Guest Vocalist on various recordings, among them the well- known Ambience - Duo "Blank & Jones”, she opened shows for Alanis Morisette and Stefan Stoppok and gave countless live concerts nationwide.

Not just Katja's voice, also her qualities as a songwriter were discovered and acknowledged by well-known bands. The singer Gitte Haennig recorded a cover version of Katja´s “'Music is the only language" and Stoppok recorded his own version of Katja's piano ballad "Geh aufrecht". In the Best Songs List, Katja's song "Mitten im Sturm" reached 2nd place and "Is mir egal" position 5.


On stage, Katja is always an experience. Just as just as charismatic as she is shy, Katja is anything but a cliché. Katja's songs are real, autobiographical and contain a good deal of melancholy, which you might call "Blues". Katja, from her roots as a Singer/Songwriter, mixes her sensitive songs with rock, pop, and sometimes with jazz or Funk elements. Sometimes, even a little punk flashes by... absolutely worth listening to!



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